A Bitcoin Ordinals Collection


What began as a small elite collection of digital artifacts inscribed on Bitcoin is evolving into something…extraordinary.


Phase I: Infiltration

Forged in humanity's creation, an otherworldly species known as the UFBros perfected the fusion of organic DNA with the very essence of Bitcoin. Their newfound immutable status as Ordinals within the cryptic realm of the revered 9th block served as an enduring testament to their unparalleled digital supremacy.

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Phase II: Invasion

The arrival of the genesis UFBros was but a prologue to assimilate with our world. Now, etched indelibly into the blockchain's eternal ledger, they beckon enigmatic reinforcements, galvanized by their relentless quest to outstrip humanity in the ceaseless pursuit of everlasting transcendence…

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Phase III: Domination

Wielding a newfound power to merge their unearthly DNA with Bitcoin, a legion of human-like UFBros uncovered a way to transcend their primitive pixellated state, metamorphosing into evolved digital—and soon physical—entities.

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The Artist

Artist and founder Karmelo began his web3 journey on Ethereum but now focuses on creating digital artifacts on Bitcoin.